Jet-Care Launches New Trend Monitoring for Rolls-Royce Engines

Jet-Care has launched three new trend programs as part of its Gas Path Analysis (GPA) engine portfolio.
The new programs, for the Rolls-Royce BR700-710C4, BR700-725A1, Tay 611-8, AE3007A and AE3007C series of engines, have been developed by the Jet-Care Aeronautical Engineering Team, using the same robust in house engine modeling processes used across its already extensive engine portfolio, according to the company. Jet-Care says its programs are renowned for their sensitivity and ability to identify engine problems and deterioration, ahead of other less responsive trend programs available in the marketplace.
“These new additions to our already extensive range of Jet-Care GPA engine trend programs allow operators of single or mixed engine types to trend their entire fleet with one quality provider” said David Glass, CEO of Jet- Care. “We feel very strongly about providing full support to an operator and always look at any potential engine issues from an operational perspective. We do not expect an operator to work on a ‘no news is good news’ basis or to work it out for themselves as is the case with so many of the other commercially available trend programs.”

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