JorAMCo Enables Business Process Optimization with Mxi Technologies’ Maintenix Software

Mxi Technologies has announced JorAMCo, a maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) provider in Jordan, has gone live with an upgrade to the Maintenix software. JorAMCo’s Project TOGA successfully went live with Maintenix software on May 12th, 2011. The enterprise-wide implementation was put into operation via a wholesale approach with all software modules going live simultaneously. Project TOGA was run jointly with operational experts at JorAMCo, trainers, data migration specialists, and leadership of the project team. JorAMCo’s Maintenix upgrade includes the foundational establishment of a comprehensive software footprint in support of their business operations and process reengineering. In addition to the extensive use of maintenance planning and business analytic tools to facilitate reduced turnaround times, the recent upgrade offered enhancements to MRO invoicing, third-party maintenance and the further integration of materials, planning, purchasing, and execution. “At the outset of this project we established an ambitious vision in reference to our goals for business process reengineering and optimization,” says Simon Tate, chief executive officer, JorAMCo. “To that end, Mxi and the Maintenix software have been key enablers in facilitating the achievement of our project objectives and our mission for being a world-class MRO provider with a penchant for using market-leading technologies in support of our customers’ success.”


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