JSFirm Releases 2015 Forecast

JSfirm.com released their 6th Annual Hiring Trends Survey. “This year’s results show that our industry is continuing to trend in the right direction. There will be more hiring in 2015 than any of the past 6 years,” says Jeff Richards, JSfirm.com manager.

Some highlights from the report:
• 342 aviation companies across various sectors were surveyed
• 92% will hire in 2015
• 78% are projecting growth in 2015
• 72% did not cut jobs in 2014 (up from 68% in 2013)
• 55% experienced an attrition rate of less than 5% (up from 48%)
• Skilled maintenance technicians remain the most in-demand hiring need
• April, May, and June will likely be the busiest hiring months
• Companies report that lack of experienced candidates is their biggest hiring challenge

The entire results of the survey can be seen at jsfirm.com

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