Karl Storz Techno LED Nova 150

KARL STORZ Industrial Group America announced the distribution of the new KARL STORZ TECHNO LED NOVA 150 light source for industrial and scientific remote visual inspection applications.

The KARL STORZ Industrial LED NOVA 150 is the next generation of environmentally friendly LED high-output light sources intended for technical borescope inspection applications. The compact, high-performance cold light projector delivers cold bright white light (6400k) that generates virtually no heat; illumination is transmitted through the borescope using robust fiber optic light guide cables. The LED NOVA 150 is energy-efficient, noiseless and has an industrial grade LED illumination module, making lamp changes virtually unnecessary. An international power supply enables worldwide use.

The KARL STORZ TECHNO LED NOVA 150 is compatible with all KARL STORZ borescopes and provides high-output LED illumination which is necessary to illuminate large voids, ideal for imaging applications that include large castings, engine cylinders, fuel tanks, oxygen tanks and similar components.


Designed and manufactured in Germany in our world-class manufacturing facility and strengthened by world-wide product support, the Techno LED Nova 150 is ready for deployment into your demanding industrial vision application.


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