Kimberly-Clark Professional Introduces New Wiping Solutions Designed to Meet Aviation Industry Needs

To address the unique needs of the aviation industry and help workers perform more productively and efficiently, Kimberly-Clark Professional has introduced a line of aviation-certified wiping solutions that meet the requirements of Aerospace Material Specification (AMS) 3819C (Aerospace industry requirement) and Boeing Material Specification (BMS) 15-5F (Boeing).

Kimtech Wipes for aviation are specifically engineered to perform in all areas of Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) and Maintenance Repair Operations (MRO) operations – including paint surface prep, engine maintenance and general-purpose cleaning. These application-driven solutions are designed to deliver superior cleaning, improve operational efficiencies, reduce turn-around time, and maximize productivity while meeting the precision standards and requirements of the aviation industry.

“Aviation industry workers must have the best wiping tools available to make sure every job is done right the first time,” said Marianne Santangelo, go–to-market leader, Manufacturing, Kimberly-Clark Professional. “Our goal is to provide them with a comprehensive range of customized tools that reduce waste and costs and increase efficiency. This supports our vision of creating Exceptional Workplaces that help keep workers healthier, safer and more productive.”

Kimtech Wipes for aviation are available in four categories: Abrasive Wipes, Surface Preparation Wipes, Cleaning Wipes and a Wet Wipe System. The products also feature an intuitive, alpha-numeric, performance-tier identification system with visual cues that make it easier for technicians to identify the right product for the task. The new aviation-certified wiping solutions include:

• Kimtech A2 Aviation Abrasive Surface Preparation Wipes – Specifically designed for abrasive aviation surfaces, these durable wipes are ideal for use on riveted metal surfaces. They reduce the risk of contamination even when used on rough surfaces and can be used for pre-cleaning, degreasing, solvent wiping and excess sealant removal.
• Kimtech P2 and P3 Aviation Surface Preparation Wipes – These wipes deliver precision performance via an advanced material that enables optimum linting and extractable control. They are highly absorbent and deliver excellent cost-in-use for critical wiping tasks.
• Kimtech C2, C3 and C4 Aviation Cleaning Wipes —Kimtech Cleaning Wipes are an easy-to-use, Lean manufacturing cleaning solution for general wiping needs. They are aimed at reducing waste, costs and contamination while enhancing productivity. A lower-cost alternative to reusable rags, these wipes can be used for overall general cleaning, post-paint stripping and wiping, water-rinse drying, solvent wiping, excess sealant removal, oil and grease cleaning, and tool wiping.
• Kimtech W Aviation Wet Wipe System – This air-tight, sealed system reduces waste and improves performance by offering more controlled dispensing of disposable, pre-saturated wipes. The technology offers many benefits over bucket or decanter systems, including reductions in solvent loss from evaporation, reduced waste from wipes drying out, and reduced worker exposure to Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). The product comes with a guarantee of 20 percent reduction in solvent usage.

Full Line of Aviation PPE and Safety Solutions

In addition to the Kimtech Wipes for Aviation, Kimberly-Clark Professional offers a complete range of personal protective equipment (PPE) and other innovative solutions for the aviation industry, including apparel, protective eye wear, gloves, respirators, hearing protection, and welding helmets and equipment. The product bundle helps support a safe work environment by protecting what matters most – people – as well as providing comfort to help increase compliance.


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