Kitchener Aero Brings Garmin G1000 to King Air B200

Kitchener Aero Avionics announced the completion of their first Garmin G-1000 avionics retrofit on a King Air B200. With this completion they join the ranks of a small handful of shops worldwide that have performed this upgrade.

When Garmin first announced the G1000 STC for King Air operators, they noted that customers who upgrade to this panel have the same leading edge technologies they would find in a jet, while also enjoying the utility and affordability of their King Air. The G1000 suite integrates all primary flight information, navigation data, communications, terrain awareness, traffic, weather, and engine instruments on a large 15-inch multi-function display (MFD) and two 10.4-inch primary flight displays (PFD).

“One of the things that makes this mod unique from other G-1000 King Air upgrades is that we have installed virtually all of the new options for the KingAir, including GRA-5500 Radar Altimeter, GWX-70 Wx. Radar, and the GRS-7800 Attitude Heading and Reference System (better known as AHRS),” says Barry Aylward, KAAV president. “This is for operations in our Northern Domestic Airspace.” The GRS 7800 enables a free-gyro mode for King Air aircraft, greatly expanding the authorized area of operation. With this option King Air operators increase their global operational capabilities and have access to more remote locations.

Aylward also notes, “Outside of the existing G-1000 STC, we had numerous deviations required to accommodate different shelf configurations in both the nose and tail, as well as additional STC Deviations for various Antenna relocations due to a Cargo Pod installation.” All current and future mandates are met including Class A TAWS, TCAS and ADS-B.

The only equipment retained from the aircraft that arrived at the KAAV shop was the CVR, HF Comm, an ADF, and a DME. All the other systems used were centered on the new Garmin G- 1000 with GFC-700 Flight Control.

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