Kontron Pioneers Integrated Security in IoT

Kontron announced its integrated IoT (Internet of Things)-ready hardware and software platform and the addition of the first security and real-time analytics solutions incorporating its growing IoT partner ecosystem. The new Kontron IoT security offering includes encryption across every layer of the network. In addition, real-time analytics software is deployed for alerting users to any potentially suspect or unauthorized devices attempting access or being connected to the network. In order to implement a comprehensive end to end IoT security capability, Kontron is forming partnerships on a global basis with a number of leading hardware, software and communications security providers. These partnerships will complement Kontron’s middleware architecture with major IoT technology providers and ensure out of the box product compatibility.

“With Kontron’s new IoT ready and deeply integrated middleware software stacks on all our products, we fulfill our vision of being the most trusted embedded computer technology partner.” Rolf Schwirz, Kontron’s CEO says. “The partnerships with Wibu and SQLstream reinforce and complement our end to end IoT solution and together we can ensure security and remove complexity for our customers in this new exciting and technologically challenging IoT world.”

By expanding the partner ecosystem, Kontron says it will be able to quickly develop different functionality modules and continually enhance the usability of its IoT solution.

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