Learjet Aftermarket Partner Butler National Obtains FAA Approval of AHC-3000A Retrofit

Butler National announced recently it’s subsidiary, Avcon Industries, received Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approval of the installation of the Rockwell Collins AHC-3000A Attitude Heading Reference System into the Learjet Model 60.  The STC retrofit package will be offered through Butler National’s subsidiary Butler Avionics, Inc.

Learjet partnered with Butler National to resolve the Attitude Heading Reference System (AHRS) hardware obsolescence problems with the Rockwell Collins AHC-85 AHRS Computer.

The Learjet/Butler partnership provides Lear 60 operators with the maximum flexibility when they face AHC-85 obsolescence challenges.  The FAA Supplemental Type Certificate (“STC”) approval, STC Number ST01791WI, allows retrofits of the AHC-85 computer with the AHC-3000A computer and installs the new External Compensation Unit, the ECU-3000.  The STC allows the two computer AHRS system to be replaced one computer at a time (rather than both) – this offers some cost savings opportunity.  Additionally, the AHC-3000A retrofit simplifies AHRS set up and calibration with most of the calibration activity completed in the cockpit – a significant improvement compared to the AHC-85.

The AHC-3000A retrofit solution is available from Butler Avionics, Inc. (Olathe, Kansas), a Rockwell Collins authorized installation/repair facility.  While the AHC computer change is not exactly plug and play, the modification may be completed in two to three days.  For additional STC installation information and/or an appointment to install, please call Chad Caylor at (913) 829-4606.

The Learjet partner, Butler National, operates through its subsidiaries, Butler Avionics, Inc. and Avcon Industries, Inc., recognized maintenance and modification suppliers for Learjet operators – offering Learjet support from special mission modifications to noise suppression and avionics enhancements.

“The partnership with Learjet in facilitating the AHRS STC reinforces our commitment to the long-term support of Learjets.  Maintaining and improving the Lear product line is integral to many of our Butler National businesses and to the longevity of Lear heritage.” commented Clark D. Stewart, Butler National President and CEO.  “The Lear 60 AHRS retrofit solution is available from our Butler Avionics, Inc. subsidiary, a Rockwell Collins authorized facility.  Butler continues its efforts to be a ‘go-to source’ for legacy Learjet Solutions.  This STC is one more example of the Butler National commitment to the Learjet aircraft.” Added Mr. Stewart.

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