LHT-Owned Skeyos Launched Digital Marketplace for Component Maintenance Services

Skeyos, a new company founded by Lufthansa Technik, has developed a digital marketplace and e-procurement tool for purchasing aircraft component maintenance services. This new online channel addresses purchasers and suppliers industry-wide; it officially launched in January 2018.

Each individual work step in the maintenance and repair processes of aircraft and aircraft components must adhere to a tight schedule. Major components need to be maintained and available without delay. But the procurement process behind this is burdensome and time-consuming. Therefore, more efficient purchasing and fulfillment processes are of interest to suppliers and purchasers alike. This is where the new Skeyos Marketplace comes in.

The company says their new online marketplace simplifies all of the steps in the ordering process and simultaneously monitors the service quality of suppliers. Through its dense network of contacts in the MRO business, Skeyos brings together many companies and their associated capabilities on its independent online platform. With the industry expertise of the Lufthansa group, Skeyos has developed a marketplace and procurement tool that links both sides of any transaction and connects purchasers and MRO service suppliers.

“Down the road, Skeyos shall be the MRO platform everybody in the industry wants to use. Our users appreciate the qualified network, efficient purchasing experience and high satisfaction through dependable bids, as well as the smooth transaction integration,” says Skeyos CEO Hansi Schmidt.

Suppliers can present their services worldwide with fully transparent (technical and commercial) conditions, yet adaptable for each customer, and purchasers can search for them without time-consuming RFQs or bid tenders. The simplified workflow is also a result of the user-centered and intuitive design, according to Skeyos.

Purchasers can access professional MRO services for aircraft components and directly compare costs and terms through a single channel. The pricing and availabilities of all services are guaranteed from the start. Once a suitable service has been identified, it can be purchased directly and managed throughout the fulfilment process entirely via the online tool. Integrated track and trace functionality makes it easy to monitor the progress of each transaction. The transparent and standardized terms and conditions as well as the automated and streamlined processes of the Skeyos Marketplace improve all stages of purchasing while simultaneously minimizing compliance issues.

Suppliers can create predefined offers while being able to adapt each to individual customer requirements to achieve tailor-made efficiency. Services are visible with maximum reach and a sale is just a click away. Thanks to Skeyos, it is now possible to get business directly, rather than spending time and energy on bidding processes with uncertain business potential. Skeyos Marketplace also offers integrated handling of billing and payment. An optional escrow service ensures the security of each transaction. Both sides, purchaser and supplier, benefit first and foremost from the time they save, by not having to go through tender processes and from the greatly reduced administrative burden. All transaction-related information is available on Skeyos Marketplace at any time.

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