LSP Technologies Delivers Laser Bond Inspection System to Boeing

LSP Technologies announces the first sale and delivery of its Laser Bond Inspection (LBI) system to The Boeing Company. The equipment is the culmination of more than a decade of collaboration and development work by LSP Technologies, Boeing, and the US Air Force.
LSP Technologies’ Laser Bond Inspection technology probes the integrity of adhesively bonded structures using a high-energy pulsed laser to create a well-controlled dynamic stress wave that tests the strength of the bond line and detects kissing bonds. The technique offers a nondestructive inspection method for the structural validation of the bond strength of adhesively bonded joints.
“LSP Technologies’ scientists and engineers were pioneers in the development and commercialization of laser peening technology, and we continue to innovate aggressively to this day,” said Dr. Jeff Dulaney, president and CEO of LSP Technologies, Inc. “While we are happy to be at the forefront of yet another critical laser-based technology, and we are very proud and appreciative to have worked with Boeing, the United States Air Force, and Craig Walters to bring it to fruition,” he added, “we eagerly look forward to the day when Laser Bond Inspection becomes the standard of care in the industry.”
LSP Technologies, Inc. was founded in 1995 by Dr. Jeff Dulaney and is best known as the premier provider of laser peening equipment and services in the United States. Laser peening has been a steadily growing part of LSP Technologies’ business since early 2003. The Company continues to grow through the development of innovative laser-based technologies and products.

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