Lufthansa Flight Training to Use AMOS for its Entire Sim Fleet

Lufthansa Flight Training (LFT) recently signed with Swiss-AS agreements to maintain their 37 simulators in AMOS. Since 2008, LFT’s pilot school in Bremen has been relying on AMOS for their training aircraft. Their management has decided to use AMOS and the additional simulator module AMOS_SIM for LFT’s flight simulator fleet.
“With LFT, AMOS is now deployed in two companies for the simulator maintenance. The flight training business is an interesting market for Swiss-AS and we are pleased to be in the position to offer our customers, in addition to the AMOS core application, the dedicated AMOS_SIM module which meets the requirements of today’s aviation training providers,” says Ronald Schaeuffele, CEO of Swiss-AS.

Productivity growth coupled with financial savings
A rise of productivity is expected through the shut-down of LFT’s 20 legacy software systems and the establishment of AMOS as leading application. By using AMOS for the maintenance of the 37 flight simulators as well as the training aircraft of the flight school, Lufthansa Flight Training is counting on remarkable savings over the next few years.


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