Luxair Goes with navAero tBagC2- 2 for Fleet-Wide Class 2 EFB Program

The navAero tBagC2-2 computer and display hardware has been chosen as the EFB flight deck hardware by Luxair to equip the carrier’s B737-700/800, Dash 8 Q400 and ERJ145 fleets.

Luxair made the choice for the navAero Class 2 EFB solution for the superior operational functionalities and retrofit cost savings they will realize through the deployment of tBagC2-2 hardware technology. Dual networked installations of the navAero tBagC2-2 hardware systems – featuring built-in HSDPA/UMTS/GRPS/EDGE for wireless connectivity – will be installed on the aircraft flightdecks. The EFB CPUs will incorporate solid state drives with Windows 7 as the operating system. The installations will also incorporate the navAero Aircraft Interface Device (AID) for certified connectivity to aircraft for gathering ARINC 429 and 717 data with QAR functionality.

navAero will be providing Supplemental Type Certification (EASA STC) for each aircraft type. Deployments on the Luxair fleets will start during early Q4, 2012 beginning with the Dash 8 Q400 aircrafts and are scheduled to be completed by early Q2, 2013.

“Luxair introduced the EFB Class 1 in 2003 using Netbooks. Substantial economies have been realized using this technology. The EFB Class 1 has however reached its limits and Luxair studied the possibility to introduce a Class 2 EFB on the different fleets,” says Martin Isler, Luxair Airline manager. “Several systems have been analyzed and navAero was the only product that ticked all the requirements defined in this study. navAero has been very responsive and made all efforts to meet the targets in budget and time! Luxair is very pleased to have started this excellent collaboration with navAero.”

Simone Giordano, executive vice president, Sales and Marketing, stated: “We are very pleased to have Luxair as the newest member of our ever expanding list of commercial operators who have seen the navAero technology as the way-to-go for EFB hardware. Our cost-effective solutions meet the most demanding environmental as well as ROI standards. And for our customers, this means they are getting an affordable business tool that can help them improve productivity and operating efficiency through access to data on a platform they can depend upon.”

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