MAC Aerospace Announces ISO Quality Certification Renewal and ASA Membership

Johnnie Eslinger, business development manager at MAC Aerospace Corporation of Chantilly, Virginia, USA, announced ISO 9001:2008 recertification and subsequent approval of application for membership in the prestigious Aviation Supplier Association.
“Another successful audit from British Standards Institute of our ISO 9001:2008 Quality program, and within a few days, the addition of MAC Aerospace to the rolls of the prestigious Aviation Suppliers Association,” confirms MAC Aerospace is committed to excellence said Eslinger. He continued, “The MAC Aerospace family takes pride in exceeding our customers’ expectations and deserves the credit for these milestones.”

MAC Aerospace Corporation has been a manufacturer and worldwide distributor of parts and components of US manufactured military aircraft, radar and weapon systems for more than 22 years. Additionally, MAC Aerospace provides a wide range of value-added services: Repair and Overhaul Management, Engineering, Kitting, Purchasing, and Warehouse.

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