MAINtag Deploys Integrated RFID Labels to Aerospace

Aerospace RFID company MAINtag has deployed its new patented hybrid FLYtag skin family of integrated RFID products.

With delivery of over one million flyable tags to more than 60 tier-one suppliers in the aerospace industry to date, new deliveries of FLYtag skin hybrid technology to aerospace tier-one OEMs are planned for June 2014 the company says.

“The FLYtag skin family will support RFID expansion in the aerospace industry by substantially simplifying and improving the tracking of chip-equipped parts at an affordable cost,” said Dominique Garreau, MAINtag managing director, adding, “Since 2010, the cooperation between Airbus and MAINtag has facilitated value creation for both parties. Within terms of an existing multi-year contract, Airbus and MAINtag continue fruitful collaboration.’’

“The more increases we see in RFID use on board aircraft, in cabin and non-pressurized areas, the better it is for the RFID industry as a whole. Ten years ago, MAINtag was founded and named for ‘MAINtenance tagging’ based on the invention of RFID hybrid label technology to be used for aircraft. Our patented RFID aircraft maintenance solutions remain at the core of our R&D,” said Bruno Lo-Re, president and CEO of MAINtag Group. “MAINtag testing now shows that the FLYtag solution clearly outperforms other options,” Lo-Re added.

FLYtag skin integrated RFID labels:

· Ultra low profile (1mm) extends areas of applications within non-pressurized areas and cabin interiors.

· Includes FLYchip, a high-memory silicon chip that has been shown to exceed the performance of most of the existing aerospace ATA chips.

· Flexible, highly ruggedized and designed to perform on metal and non-metal surfaces in both cabin and non-pressurized areas

· For curved flyable metal and composite parts

· Multi-record format satisfies numerous applications, including pure logistics, stock management, configuration management and maintenance operations.

· Fully qualified and certified AS5678

“With the aerospace industry embracing the growth of RFID technology for parts marking and asset management, MAINtag continues to lead the pack in innovation when it comes to new product development. From the new FLYtag skin labels and the FLYplug solution that enables self-printing of on-metal RFID tags, MAINtag’s customer-oriented strategy is to provide a complete RFID solution suite for aerospace, from chips to gold services,” said Alexis Beurdeley, vice president at North American subsidiary MAINtag, Inc.


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