Maintenance Platform Manufacturer Granted Montana’s Manufacturer of the Year Award

Spika Welding and Manufacturing, Inc., a manufacturer of aircraft maintenance platforms and maintenance support equipment used by military and commercial maintenance facilities in the United States and several foreign countries, has been awarded the inaugural Manufacturer of the Year award by the Montana Manufacturing Council.

Tom Spika, president of the Spika, attributes the company’s success to a commitment to corporate integrity above all else. “We place customer satisfaction above profit,” Spika said, “and I think our customers recognize that. We listen to their needs and promise to provide the best solution possible, not the easiest or most profitable.”

Katie Spika, marketing manager of the company, continued, “Given the other companies in Montana that are doing huge, complex projects, I was surprised that we were selected to receive this inaugural award. However, I think it is because we represent more than just our own company; we represent the typical small-scale Montana company that values its people and works hand in hand to promote the success of all manufacturing in the state.”

About Spika Welding and Manufacturing, Inc.
Spika Welding and Manufacturing, Inc. has been designing and manufacturing maintenance stands and equipment for the aerospace industry for over ten years. It provides work platforms that increase the safety and efficiency of maintenance operations in military as well as civilian facilities. Working one-on-one with the customer, Spika designs equipment to meet the unique access and space requirements of the aircraft and the maintenance facility. In addition to aircraft maintenance stands, Spika offers work stands and maintenance equipment for manufacturing, agricultural, and industrial operations. For more information, visit Spika on the web at

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