Malabar International Acquires DAE Industries

Malabar International, a major aircraft maintenance and ground support equipment manufacturer, announced that it has acquired DAE Industries. DAE is a manufacturer of engine stands and other ground support equipment, based in Louisville, Kentucky.
“Acquiring DAE boosts our capabilities domestically and internationally. We will now offer a broader array of products to the commercial and military aviation industries. This is an exciting expansion that strengthens Malabar’s ability to serve its customers,” John E. Carroll, Jr., Malabar chairman and CEO, said.
Combining Malabar and DAE will bring new capabilities to both companies. With manufacturing locations in Simi Valley, California and Louisville, Kentucky, the new enterprise will enjoy improved production efficiencies and better access to markets in North America and around the world. Malabar’s network of international representatives will enhance and expand distribution of DAE products.
“Becoming a part of Malabar with our high quality and unique product portfolio creates synergies that will benefit all our customers and our position in the marketplace,” Todd Berger, DAE CEO, said. “We are extremely pleased to have joined Malabar and to have a larger platform from which to expand our business.”
DAE Industries, based in Louisville, KY, is a maintenance equipment manufacturer for commercial and military aircraft and a Boeing licensee. The company specializes in engine transport stands, aircraft maintenance stands, docking systems, ground support equipment, aircraft service tooling, and special engineering and design services. It also provides leases and refurbishment for its engine stands. Its docking systems are custom engineered and built to meet customer needs.
DAE was founded in 1984 as a machine shop. By 1991 DAE began producing engine stands. In 1992 the company began developing docking systems for commercial and military aircraft. Over the years DAE expanded into ground support and other maintenance equipment, including tooling.
Malabar International is a pioneering supplier of maintenance and ground support equipment for commercial and military aircraft. Malabar’s major product lines are tripod and axle jacks, fluid dispensers, 787 and other fluid service equipment, nitrogen, oxygen, and strut service carts, wheel/brake changers, and specialized aircraft service trailers. Malabar products are in use in 90 countries by major airlines, airframe manufacturers, MRO centers, and military forces. Malabar has a worldwide reputation for quality and service, with 24-hour online product support including emergency parts delivery. It also repairs and refurbishes its products.

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