Mauritania’s National Carrier Signs with ADSoftware

ADSoftware, the French aviation dedicated software company, announced that Mauritania Airlines International, the national carrier of Mauritania has signed with ADSoftware to implement AIRPACK Fleet Management System and Logistics Solutions comprising AIRTIME (Fleet management – CAMO), AIRSTOCK (Inventory control – Logistic), AIRDOC (Documentation management), AIRUSER (Security management) and AIRSTAT (Reliability and statistic reports).
Mauritania Airlines International, the national airline of Mauritania was established under the laws of Mauritania in 2009 with public funding and has its registered head office and maintenance facility in Nouakchott, Islamic Republic of Mauritania. The airline has already acquired two Boeing 737-500 and one Boeing 737-700 fitted with CFM56 engines CF56-3C1 & CFM56-7B24 series. These reliable and robust aircrafts are most suitable for the area and have been operated successfully before in Mauritania.
The young start-up airline has been created as a sovereign means of air transport for the country to promote air travel within and outside the country. To start operations, the airline has first relied on Mauritanian aviation professionals including trained pilots with FAA licenses and Boeing 737 qualified mechanics. Today plans are being made to develop in house training programs to extend newly recruited human resources competencies.
Since its early stage of development, Mauritania Airlines International has established a Safety and Quality assurance department to oversee operational activities according to national rules and international Civil Aviation Standards. The airline has now recently contracted Sagem for Flight Data Monitoring services and ADSoftware for its Fleet Management System and Logistics Solutions for improving operational efficiency and safety.
AIRPACK Suite will soon entirely handle the line maintenance which is executed in Nouakchott and will assist in coordinating the continued airworthiness and aircraft technical support done by British company MS4 Aircraft Management Group. While AIRTIME (Fleet management module) will make it easier for the airline management team to ensure that the maintenance is conducted following an approved maintenance program based on the Boeing type certificate holder’s recommendations, AIRSTOCK (Inventory and logistic module) will keep control of the global component service providers and of the aircraft components supply in compliance with the EASA/FAA regulations.
In the next coming months ADSoftware’s specialists, a team of experts dedicated to meeting the needs of each individual client, will work closely with Mauritania Airlines International’s technical team to implement AIRPACK Suite at the Nouakchott International Airport maintenance facility. Frederick Ulrich, CEO of ADSoftware is looking forward to start the project “The Maghreb region is a booming area for our solutions. We started in Morocco and Tunisia, where we already have 3 operators using AIRPACK. Our newly signed contract with Mauritania Airlines International confirms that we have well understood the specificities of the region.”


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