All Metal Announces the AS350 Canopy for Mx

All Metal251All Metal has introduced the Canopy for Aircraft Maintenance (CAM) for the AS350. The CAM is All Metal’s approach to providing a solution for aircraft and mechanic protection in adverse weather.

The CAM is a multi-sectional cover that utilizes the main rotor system of a helicopter to secure protection from the elements providing a shaded environment for maintenance to be performed on the aircraft.

All Metal says the CAM is easily installed and removed by one mechanic and provides protection from inclement weather conditions to allow for maintenance to be performed safely and efficiently in a field or flight line environment.

“Our CAM’s utility is consistent will All Metal’s family of “safety first” products,” says Antionne Bower, All Metal’s sales manager. “We feel the versatility and portability of the CAM enhances the quality of life for the flight crew and mechanics when in a field environment.”

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