Monitor Your Software for Peak Performance

Application performance engineering is a critical piece of technology application development and implementation. Consistent software monitoring programs such as HP SiteScope Monitoring help businesses determine how new applications will impact system performance before they are deployed live. When businesses monitor their software and applications using best of breed application performance engineering solutions like HP Performance Center, their software will deliver peak performance.

According to IT experts J9 Technologies, far too many companies leave performance to chance when developing or deploying new applications. It is risky to launch an application without first assessing how it will perform under real world conditions. Faulty applications can result in bottlenecks, clunky performance, and costly violations of SLAs. The risks of failing to implement effective application performance engineering are simply too large. With the latest generation of user-friendly HP Performance Center and SiteScope Monitoring software, it is quite easy and cost-effective for companies to monitor their software across the application lifecycle.

HP SiteScope Monitoring is a complete agentless monitoring system that measures the performance of networks and applications without installing agents on target servers. This application performance engineering software requires minimal investment of time or capital, making it an ideal solution for small businesses without a large IT staff. SiteScope Monitoring is a right-from-the-box solution that is designed to be up and running in under an hour. It offers flexibility and scalability to meet changing needs as your business expands and grows. HP SiteScope Monitoring works across all environments and easily integrates with other HP application performance engineering software. J9 Technologies can help companies get started with SiteScope Monitoring to implement the consistent IT monitoring that is so crucial to performance.

J9 Technologies also recommends HP Performance Center as part of a complete package of application performance engineering solutions. One of the benefits of HP Performance Center is that it minimizes the hardware investment required to test applications in both the pre-production and post-production stages, making it an affordable way to discover bugs, identify interface problems, and implement effective solutions. The simple web-based infrastructure makes it easy for your IT staff to consistently monitor applications, even from different locations. In addition, HP Performance Center sends out detailed alerts when it detects a problem to minimize the mean time to resolution. J9 Technologies offers extensive HP Performance Center training to help businesses optimize their new software and to fully integrate it into their IT operations.


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