NAASCO Celebrates 20 Years with the Patented “Mercury Mod” Starter Generator Improvement Program

It’s been twenty years since NAASCO first introduced the “Mercury Mod” starter generator improvements applicable to the Aircraft Parts Corp. (APC, now Skurka Aerospace) 150SG series and Lucas (now Labinal Power Systems) 23032 series starter generators. Accumulated hours on these modified units are in the millions and the number modified are in the thousands.

The company says this success is due in large part to the advanced cooling properties designed by NAASCO’s engineering and testing department. This technology, coupled with our proprietary “ETR” (electro-graphitic treated resins) carbon brush, allowed NAASCO to guarantee operators 1000 hours of brush life.

They say their engineering department is still at it. Working with aircraft manufactures and operators, they have modified hundreds of 200 amp units for the Sikorsky S76, Cessna Caravans and many other aircraft with the latest “Mercury Mod Phase II”, incorporating a super hi-flow cooling fan.  More info at


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