navAero receives Airbus A330 EASA STC 10037255 for tBagC22 Electronic Flight Bag System

navAero announces the tBagC22 Electronic Flight Bag system has been awarded an EASA Supplementary Type Certificate (STC) 10037255 for Airbus A330-200/200F/300 series aircraft.

The deployed architecture consists of cross-connected dual tBag C22 EFB systems with the tPad series displays. Features included are wireless interfaces for on-ground data transfer and ARINC 429 connectivity to onboard systems through the navAero Aircraft Interface Device (AID). The implemented EFB architecture is yet another initiative to enable fleet commonality for airlines with a heterogeneous fleet.

The certified solution enables operators to utilize data from onboard systems to auto populate data for third party charting and maintenance applications as well as initiate on ground message and data transfers as required for paperless operation.

The certification and engineering activities were performed in cooperation with AERO Vodochody. Deployments are currently in progress and installation kits are available for immediate delivery.

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