New Book Helps Maintainers Improve Troubleshooting Skills

Author and Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (A.M.E.) James (Jamie) Dors describes a process for efficient and effective troubleshooting aircraft systems which has many benefits to aircraft maintenance technicians, aircraft operators and maintenance organizations. Due to high operating cost, operators as well as maintenance providers are seeking ways to reduce costs and increase reliability and utilization of their operating fleet. The aviation industry has also experienced a noticeable decline in the pool of skilled technicians as well as the quality of these skilled technicians. Technicians are also looking for ways to improve their skills for career advancement and personal employment marketability within the industry, as well as for personal fulfillment. Analytical and Strategic Troubleshooting System In Aircraft addresses the issues facing the aircraft maintenance industry by detailing an efficient and effective troubleshooting system which reduces the cost associated with aircraft defect rectification through sound technician skills. The book was released by Maintenance Synergies and is available at


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