New iTrax Inventory Tracking Software for 2012

Tdata says it is pleased to announce that a much anticipated iTrax upgrade is here.

Tdata says that iTrax is aviation-specific so you no longer have to “make-do” with general inventory applications that almost meet your needs. Developed specifically for the aviation industry, iTrax provides you the ability to track inventory items including serialized and life-limited consumables and disposed items says the company. With iTrax, you can specify the condition of serialized parts to ensure they are utilized in the order which best fits your operation.

iTrax has an all new, customizable look and feel. In addition parts accountability and tracking are available to allow for complete tracking of disposed items. Users will also notice a new assignment feature that helps to categorize inventory. Finally, creating custom fields is possible and there is a new barcode field. Further information about iTrax can be seen at

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