New Name and Look for Shot Peening Training Program

Electronics Inc. (EI) has changed the name of its Education Division to EI Shot Peening Training, thereby reinforcing the company’s commitment to providing comprehensive shot peening and rotary flap peening training.

The name change was prompted by the need for a new website, independent of EI’s website. “Enrollment in EI’s training programs has grown 132% in the past three years and it was time to launch a more accessible website,” said Dave Barkley, Director of Training. “We also wanted a clear differentiation between our shot peening training programs and EI’s support of their MagnaValve product line,” he added.

The new logo maintains a strong link to EI in name and appearance because Electronics Inc. is the pioneer of shot peening training, holding the first shot peening workshop in 1991. The initial workshops were held in the United States and the events are now hosted in the U.S., South America, Europe and Asia. The dates and locations of the seminars/workshops aren’t always convenient for groups that need immediate assistance, so EI’s on-site training is available worldwide and has been provided in Australia, Canada, Costa Rica, El Salvador, England, France, Germany, United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom and throughout the United States. Training is conducted in English and native languages, including French, German, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese and Spanish.

The new website’s address is Features of the new website include:
• Upcoming seminars and workshops with fees, hotel accommodations, and agenda/training topics
• On-site shot peening and rotary flap peening training information
• A comparison of the benefits of seminars and workshops to the benefits of on-site training
• An online registration form
• A complete list of all training topics, broken down into Core Classes/FAA-Accepted Courses, Specialty Seminar Classes and Customized On-Site Training Topics
• A list of instructors and their biographies
• Information on the Achievement Exam Program

“The growth in training is exciting to us for three reasons. Obviously, we’re pleased that our endeavor is successful, but also because the demand for training signifies the strength and growth of the entire shot peening industry,” said Tom Brickley, vice president of Electronics Inc. “And it means that more companies are paying attention to the quality and control of their shot peening processes.”
EI Shot Peening Training is based in Electronics Inc.’s corporate headquarters in Mishawaka, Indiana. EI manufactures the MagnaValve media valve, controllers, Almen gages and strips. EI also publishes The Shot Peener magazine and maintains the world’s largest online resource for shot peening and blast cleaning at

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