New, Portable Video Camera Attaches to Any Hawkeye Borescope

The new Luxxor Portable Video Camera easily attaches to any Hawkeye Rigid or Flexible Borescope and most other major borescope brands as well. Now any borescope can quickly and easily become a videoscope simply by attaching the borescope to the video coupler of the Luxxor Portable Camera.

Designed and manufactured by Rochester, N. Y.-based Gradient Lens Corp. (GLC), also the manufacturer of Hawkeye Precision Borescopes, the new Luxxor Camera allows users to view internal visual inspection images on portable or bench top video monitors or, on a laptop or desktop computer. Video footage and still photos can then be viewed live and saved, documented and emailed. The LPC can attach to any of the more than 80 rigid and flexible Hawkeye Borescopes and most other brands.

“This new product finally allows current borescope owners to economically convert any scope they have to video. Video visual inspection is faster and easier than viewing through the scope directly and adds the advantage of capturing inspection images, storing them or sending them via email to customers, coworkers and more,” says Dr. Douglas S. Kindred, GLC’s president. “Furthermore, this new product delivers great value to our customers by allowing even one Luxxor Portable Camera to be used with any or all of the borescopes they currently own.”

The Luxxor Portable video camera has a ¼” color CCD, built-in 25mm borescope coupler, 768 X 494 pixel resolution, and can be attached to the Luxxor Video Monitor (PVM-DV) for fully portable operation or to any computer or video monitor. The LPC is priced at $995.

For more information on the Luxxor Portable Video Camera go to: or contact Gradient Lens Corporation at 207 Tremont St., Rochester, NY 14608, (585) 235-2620,,

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