NGRAIN Introduces Producer 5.0 Virtual Maintenance Training Solution

NGRAIN, a provider of interactive 3D simulation software and solutions for maintenance training and support, has introduced Producer 5.0 and the NGRAIN Production Suite to the maintenance training and support community. NGRAIN says it has advanced its flagship development software Producer with instructional-design best practices and more than 40 new features to help subject matter experts create impactful and cost-effective training solutions. Additionally, NGRAIN now offers the Production Suite, a solution enabling manufacturers and systems integrators to develop NGRAIN-powered training solutions.

“It is with pride that we put the power of NGRAIN technology into the hands of the people developing training and support solutions for our forces. We are focused and will ensure that NGRAIN 3D simulation solutions are easily attainable,” said Gabe Batstone, CEO, NGRAIN. “The new features in Producer and the tools in the Production Suite will again set new standards for the maintenance community.”

Producer 5.0 is a commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) software enabling anyone with Microsoft Office experience to create interactive 3D equipment simulations, according to the company.

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