Oil Eater Launches Microbe-Based Parts Washer System

Oil Eater introduced its new Bioremediating Parts Washer System recently. The new microbe-based parts cleaning system makes the process of washing parts less expensive, safer for employees and kinder to the earth while inhibiting the foul odors that are typically associated with other microbe-based parts washers on the market.

Bioremediation is the use of microscopic living organisms to break down oil, grease and other hydrocarbon-based contaminants. Oil Eater’s Bioremediating Parts Washer System is self-cleaning, non-hazardous and odor-controlled. It is the natural solution for parts washing.

Oil Eater’s Bioremediating Parts Washer System consists of three modular elements:
• Oil Eater Flex Line Parts Washer, a heavy-duty professional-grade parts washer;
• Oil Eater Parts Washing Fluid, a ready-to-use parts washing cleaner and degreaser;
• Oil Eater Cleaning CrittersTM odor-controlling microbe-enhanced pouches which keep
parts cleaning fluids cleaning.

Oil Eater’s Bioremediating Parts Washer System is designed to save money by infinitely extending the cleaning life of the washing fluid and make the work experience pleasant by eliminating the bad smell byproduct of microbe-based parts washing.

“What Oil Eater brings uniquely and desirably to microbe-based parts washing is the fact that our proprietary Cleaning Critters microbes work in conjunction with our unique Odor Control technology to both keep the cleaning fluids free to clean and to suppress the odors typically associated with microbe-based parts washing systems,” said Bob Kafkis, Vice President of Sales at Kafko International Ltd., the manufacturer and marketer of Oil Eater brand products.

“Oil Eater Cleaning Critters microbes degrade and clean contaminants from the Parts Washing Fluid, keeping the washing fluid fresh and enabling it to retain its full cleaning power in continuous reuse,” Kafkis explained. “The result…no liquid waste to have hauled away, no need for service contracts and no oil collection services. Our customers save money,” Kafkis said.

“We are excited to bring to the industrial market significant advancement in parts cleaning technology with the launch of the Oil Eater Bioremediating Parts Washer System, which is the first modular product in Oil Eater’s new line of microbe-based cleaning supplements,” Kafkis noted.


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