Optronics to Distribute Karl Storz FlexCmos

Optronics announced the distribution of the new Karl Storz FlexCmos USB industrial endoscope for remote visual inspection, and research visualization applications.

The Karl Storz Industrial FlexCmos is a research quality, highly portable, integrated digital video fiberscope imaging system. This revolutionary visual inspection system incorporates USB connectivity enabling the device to interface directly to laptop and tablet PC’s for visualization and documentation.

The precision craftsmanship of the Karl Storz fiber optics and the integrated LED illumination system are meticulously crafted using glass fiber and tungsten components. The 3-layer mesh sheath surrounding the videoscope offers optimal protection withstanding up to 60 kg of tension. Its rugged, yet lightweight design makes it a highly maneuverable instrument designed for rough environmental conditions in a wide range of non-destructive testing, remote visualization and research imaging applications.

The Karl Storz FlexCmos offers finger tip controls for image acquisition and scope articulation.

The Karl Storz FlexCmos offers two-way articulation for 180° rear view and 90° side view for visualization in demanding applications. The high power integrated LED illumination system provides a bright, shadow free field-of-view facilitating precise inspections and has a life of up to 10,000 hours.

The Karl Storz Techno Pack X industrial imaging software utility is included at no-charge. This simple easy-to-use image and documentation package enables the operator to capture video and acquire stills directly to the laptop or tablet PC. The Techno PacA X software provides real-time video and offers extensive tools for editing the recorded images: Text, date, time, and marks can be inserted. Image files can be stored directly to memory or a portable storage device for easy retrieval.

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