Oshino Q4559X Sealed Beam Lamps Shine

Oshino Lamps, manufacturer of miniature/subminiature incandescent and gas-filled lamps, released MIL-DTL-6363H, MIL-STD-202 Method 214 test results for two of its sealed beam lamps, Q4631 and Q4559X. Three samples each of Oshino and GE lamps were subjected to random vibration at independent test lab Intertek. In each case, the Oshino products exceeded the longevity of the GE products.

Regarding PAR36 Q4631 lamp, Oshino’s Managing Director, Greg Winchell stated, “The final test report shows our Q4631 stayed viable up to 66% longer than the competitor’s lamp.” Oshino makes about 15 PAR36 lamps as well as PAR46 and PAR56 varieties.
The other lamp tested, Oshino’s PAR64 Q4559X landing light, far outlasted GE’s version, so much so that Intertek’s client ended testing of all three Oshino sealed beams prior to any lamp malfunction.

GE Sample Minutes to Failure Oshino Sample Run Time Result
1 2.5 1 26 No failure. Test stopped at 26 minutes (per client). Lamp still functioned.
2 <1 2 43 No failure. Test stopped at 43 minutes (per client). Lamp still functioned.
3 <1 3 3 No failure. Test stopped at 3 minutes (per client). Lamp still functioned.
Average NA Average 24
Max 2.5 Max 43
Min <1 Min 3

Again, Winchell, “These very positive test results affirm Oshino’s reputation and striving for continued excellence within the aircraft lighting industry. Our customers can feel confident in our dedication to lighting design and manufacturing improvements, even in the face of and despite industry changes”.

Oshino is primarily known for manufacturing miniature and subminiature incandescent lamps. While pundits state that traditional lighting is dead, Oshino continues to invest in equipment and capabilities to ensure its lighting manufacturing future while exploring technologies and products for aerospace and other industry applications.

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