Pacific Coast Avionics Receives Garmin Dealer Award

Dewey Conroy, vice president and COO, Pacific Coast Avionics, announced today that the company has received Garmin’s 2014 Top 10 Elite Platinum Dealer Award for its aviation products.

“Even though this is our 19th year in a row, each time we are presented with this prestigious award, it becomes more special than the last,” Conroy said. “With there being over 800 Garmin dealers worldwide, knowing that our team is one of the top 10 is something to take time to truly celebrate.”

Conroy said that Garmin’s wide assortment of products is one of the main reasons Pacific Coast Avionics continues its global sales leadership position.

“With products ranging from hand-helds, to experimental aircraft avionics, to certificated panel-mount units, to its top-of-the-line G600 upgrade for corporate turboprops and jets, Garmin’s product line is the prefect solution for so many of our customers world wide,” he said. “Garmin’s products in the hands of our talented installers and fabricators make PCA a one-stop shop for so many pilots and aircraft owners and builders.”

“Garmin takes great pride in its products and everyone here at Pacific Coast Avionics takes equal pride in being recognized by an industry leader for our success in delivering these outstanding products to our wide customer base,” he added. “We have been a Top 10 Garmin Elite Platinum Dealer for each of the past 19 years, and with the way their product line continues to grow, we’re working hard to make it 20 in a row next year.”

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