PAMA & Launch Job Posting Agreement manager, Jeff Richards, announced the launch of “PAMA Job Postings” on The Professional Aviation Maintenance Association and released a new job section on the PAMA website. “PAMA now has the most up-to-date aviation maintenance and avionics jobs available for their members. This live, searchable, jobs board is available to all visitors at:” Richards says. “Our partnership with PAMA is an obvious choice,” Richards states. “They are a great organization and a leading resource for aviation technicians. We’re excited to provide this unique service for their users.” How does it work? “When a hiring aviation company advertises an avionics or maintenance job on, it is synched with the jobs board on It’s great for PAMA members and it impacts the 4000+ aviation companies that post their jobs on by doubling or even tripling their exposure to qualified aviation maintenance professionals,” Richards answered.

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