Peerless Electronics Stocking Kissling Light Weight Relays

Peerless Electronics is now distributing Kissing Electrotec’s environmentally sealed 26 series relays. The 26 series features 300 amp dual-coil system power relays. The dual-coil system develops high contact pressure, resulting in low contact voltage drop and enhanced shock and vibration capabilities. An important feature of the dual-coil system is the minimized coil power resulting from the low holding current. The extremely low mass of this 300 A light weight relay has been achieved by optimizing both design and size yet maintaining performance and ruggedness. Relay sealing complies with IEC 60529 and DIN 40050-9 standards and meets IP67 & IP6K9K (steam pressure cleaning). These relays are available with stud or screw type terminals.

Peerless Electronics is a fully authorized stocking distributor of switches, relays, contactors, circuit breakers, sensors and much more. Peerless’ quality system is certified to AS9100. Peerless offers a complete selection of custom value added assembly services as well!

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