Power Hydraulics Announces Name Change and Expansion

Owners of Power Hydraulics Corp, Corey Steinberg and Kelly Loewen, announced the official completion of their name change to Power Systems Corp. The name change reflects transformation within the company, which now focuses on many areas of aviation, rather than their previous focus of just Helicopter Hydraulics. The company’s ownership and staff have all remained the same and the name change will not cause any delays in TAT or productivity for existing customers.

“[Our] ultimate vision is to accommodate all operations in this one building … allowing to shorten customer turnaround times by not having to outsource any components and to offer new business ventures in other areas of helicopter and fixed-wing aircraft maintenance,” says Corey Steinberg, owner.

Power Systems currently has in-house capabilities for hydraulics, tooling and support and NDT. After much research and interests from the industry Power Systems says it has committed to grow that list to also include capabilities for wheels and brakes and components. With entering into these new areas of aviation maintenance, Power Systems says it will continue to look for growing opportunities.

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