Power Systems Gives Salvaged Parts a Second Life

Corey Steinberg and Kelly Loewen  have formed a new business venture, Power Systems Ltd., a company focused on making salvaged parts available for Bell and Sikorsky helicopters.

In a society where everything seems disposable, Steinberg and Loewen found that they could provide quality parts to customers at a lower cost than purchasing brand new. Both owners, who also head Power Hydraulics, Magnatech Inspections, and Heli-Hydraulics, noticed there is a niche market in the aviation industry for used helicopter parts, and plenty of helicopters on the market with valuable parts hidden within.

Power Systems will focus on purchasing and disassembling Bell and Sikorsky helicopters, then savaging the parts back for resale.

Currently the company has disassembled a Sikorsky S76-A aircraft and thus far has seen great interest from the industry.

“It seemed to make sense for us to move into this area,” said Steinberg, “especially when we have the in house capability for hydraulic maintenance, NDT work and a machine shop at our convenience.”

All parts for sale are posted on the Power Systems website found at www.powersystemsltd.ca. You can find more information on Power Systems’ Facebook and LinkedIn pages. For all general inquires, or to receive a quote on any part, please contact Cherie Ferguson at cherie@powersystemsltd.ca.

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