PPG Donates Advanced Coatings System for Restoring Mystere 20 Jet

PPG Industries’ aerospace business donated the latest-technology Desothane HD basecoat/clearcoat for repainting the first Dassault Mystere 20 production aircraft, which was restored for the 50th anniversary celebration of its first flight.

The restored Mystere 20 business jet with serial number 1 will be on display on Le Bourget Airport’s tarmac, in front of the Advanced Air Support facility, through June 23, after which it returns to France’s air and space museum, Musee de l’Air et de l’Espace, at Le Bourget Airport for permanent display.

According to Gilles Brosseau, PPG sales manager, South Europe, maintenance, repair and overhaul, and Herve Matthys, PPG sales manager, South Europe, original-equipment manufacturers, PPG provided Desothane HD/CA 9008 basecoat/clearcoat because of its aesthetic, application, performance and environmental benefits.

“For the best business jet of its age, PPG Aerospace offered its best technology of today with brand-new Desothane HD/CA 9008 basecoat/clearcoat,” Brosseau said. “The painters applied it on a very tight schedule and said they especially appreciated the short cycle time allowed by this scheme, with an astounding appearance and gloss for both solid and metallic colors. We wanted the Mystere 20 to look good today and for years to come.”

The aircraft was painted white, red, blue and black with silver metallic wings and belly to recreate the flight-test livery, then clear-coated for enhanced durability and increased color and gloss retention.

STTS Group, Europe’s largest specialist aerospace painting and sealing company, repainted the Mystere 20 jet at its Le Bourget facility after restoration by IT Mercure, a nonprofit aircraft restoration association. PPG’s technical service team in Gonfreville, France, worked with Dassault, STTS and IT Mercure.

PPG has assisted IT Mercure and Dassault on other aircraft restorations, including a Mercure regional jet and several fighter aircraft such as a Mirage 4000, Mirage III and Mystere II, Matthys said, adding that PPG was glad to be part of this team that benefitted from the professional painting expertise of STTS.

High-solids, chromate-free Desothane HD/CA 9008 basecoat/clearcoat consists of a heavily pigmented basecoat that provides color in one coat, instead of the typical two or three coats, saving material and application time. The clearcoat provides extended service life, improved buffability and a smoother surface that is easier to clean.

Brosseau said that Desothane HD/CA 9008 basecoat/clearcoat also can be used as part of a completely chromate-free exterior system qualified to SAE International’s Aerospace Material Specification 3095A.

For the Mystere 20 repainting, though, at Dassault’s request, he said PPG supplied DesoGel EAP-12 pretreatment and DESOPRIME(R) CF/CA 7049 primer for an alternative complete chromate-free system.

Dassault said the Mystere 20 was renamed the Fan Jet Falcon 20 at the request of its first customer, Pan American World Airways, and helped usher in a new generation of business jets leading to today’s Falcon business jet line.

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