Precise Flight, Inc. to Market Speed Brake Product for Cessna Aircraft

Precise Flight, Inc. will remarket its SpeedBrakes product for Cessna 180, 182 and 185 series aircraft. The company says this follows renewed product interest from aviators.

Initially discontinued in 1999, strong market interest has led to reintroduction which utilizes the once popular 100 series SpeedBrake model. “But a flood of new requests has led us to revisit producing this model,” says Joe Wanko, vice president of Sales and Marketing. “SpeedBrakes do offer uniquely advantageous performance characteristics which Cessna aviators are interested in.”

According to the company, these characteristics include:
–Double your aircraft’s normal rate of descent without reducing power or using landing gear.
–Maintain engine power and aircraft maneuvering speed without build-up in speed.
–Reduce engine shock cooling.
–Smooth turbulence and quickly slow to turbulent air penetration speeds.
–Deployable at or near Vne for an instantaneous reduction in speed.

Technical information:
–Delivered as a complete kit with all installation bits included
–Installed weight: (9 lbs.)
–Average descent with SpeedBrakes deployed: (1500-1900 fpm)
–Average installation time: (35-40 hours)
–Electrically actuated (no cables, hydraulics or pulleys).
–Power failure protection.
–SpeedBrakes™ stow flush with wing skin surface.

“For Cessna pilots SpeedBrakes offers superior solutions and we expect interest in the product to grow with each new industry event we present at,” says Wanko.


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