Pro Star Aviation Will Provide SmartSky Sales and Installation

KH-11_251x192The SmartSky 4G network is taking off with another partner onboard. Pro Star Aviation will serve as an authorised dealer for hardware sales and installation of SmartSky’s innovative technology. Pro Star will sell and install SmartSky equipment across many business jet models using STC licenses obtained from SmartSky’s earliest distribution partners.


“Pro Star is always looking at new ways to serve our customers’ needs,” says Pro Star Managing Partner and General Manager Kevin L. Harriman. “Wi-Fi that is fast, reliable and affordable is something that is no longer a luxury – our customers require it. SmartSky’s game-changing technology is solving the problem the marketplace demands.”


Scheduled to take flight later this year, SmartSky’s patented 4G beamforming technology delivers a secure signal that locks onto each aircraft in the network. Its broadband connectivity system will provide service over the continental United States using an air-to-ground (ATG) platform with 60 MHz of spectrum that opens up full-throttle, unrestricted access to the web. Passengers can do it all: stream, chat, text, call, game and videoconference.


“Pro Star Aviation has demonstrated a great ability to advocate for its customers regarding the latest aviation technology,” says SmartSky Networks President Ryan Stone. “Pro Star’s excellent sales base in the northeast provides a tremendous avenue to educate business jet owners on the seamless connectivity technology that SmartSky 4G will deliver to customers. Pro Star will play an important role in SmartSky’s expanding distribution network.”


SmartSky 4G with beamforming stands apart as the only in-flight network capable of offering services where bi-directional high bandwidth and low latency are essential. This includes the use of two-way, live streaming video or in support of advanced applications such as Panasonic Weather Solution’s industry-leading 4DAero application, an electronic flight bag tool for aviation-related weather forecasting.

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