Proven Usage of AMOS at Widerøe Triggers Scandinavian Airlines’ Decision for AMOS

Swiss-AS has just signed contracts with Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) regarding the implementation of AMOS. “We are honored to be chosen by SAS and are convinced that the use of AMOS in combination with the incorporation of our industry-best-practice processes will help Scandinavian Airlines to further excel in operations while reducing maintenance costs,” states Ronald Schaeuffele, CEO of Swiss-AS.

“We had the opportunity to review AMOS at Widerøe and received favorable references of Swiss-AS, this convinced us that AMOS is the right choice for SAS. We believe AMOS will be an important tool in running even more competitive technical operations and maintaining a strict control of airworthiness and maintenance activities.

Regarding IT, the SAS strategy ‘4 Excellences Next Generation’ means that we will move away from fully customer-tailored solutions towards industry standard solutions wherever we can. AMOS fits into this strategy. We are sure the operation and administration of AMOS will be simpler and more cost efficient than the systems we are currently operating,” says Gorm Frimannslund, Head of SAS Technical Operations.

“As-is” implementation to start in autumn 2013
As a high-priority project, SAS may start the AMOS project in Q3 2013 to have the necessary resources internally available then. Following the successful implementation approach at Widerøe, Scandinavian Airlines will also put AMOS in operation “as-is” and abstain from time-consuming software adjustments. Due to the unique set-up of the flag carrier which has its organization spread over three nations, the alignment of processes will be a special focus during the project.


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