PWI Offers LED Replacement Variable Dimming Control System

PWI now offers an LED Variable Dimming Control System for the cockpit map light of all King Air models of aircraft.

“LEDs can be extremely powerful which is good on cloudy days and around dusk, but for night flying it can be too much light,” says Robi Lorik, President and CEO of PWI. “Most pilots prefer fully adjustable, variable dimming LEDs for their map lights. So, our Dimming Control System will give owners and pilots more options.”  

The PWI LED Variable Dimming Control System includes two PMA certified LEDs for the overhead map lights, as well as a STC/PMA approved Variable Dimming Controller. PWI also offers just the Variable Dimming Controller for those King Air owners who have already purchased PWI LED map lights.

“The installation of the PWI Variable Dimming Control System is adaptable to owner preferences,” says Lorik.  “The aircraft owner can decide whether to replace the existing LED light controls or add the new Variable Dimming System on to the current cockpit instrumentation.”

The system can be ordered with either the 303, 1495 or the 1308/1309 LED reading lights. Installing PWI LEDs give King Air owners more than 30,000 hours of light as well as being energy efficient. LEDs are less expensive over the life of the aircraft, saving owners from repeated bulb purchases. The Variable Dimming Controller is compact in size and ultra-light weight, yet sturdy. The LED Variable Dimming System is easy to install and both the LEDs and the Dimmer Controller are certified by the FAA.

“This Variable Dimming Control System checks a lot of boxes for us and we think it will be really popular with our King Air customers,” says Lorik. The LED lights have a three-year warranty and the Controller has a one-year limited warranty. PWI is the OEM for most King Air interior lighting.

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