Rigid Lifelines Announces New Self-Retracting Lanyards

Rigid Lifelines, an international provider of overhead rigid track fall arrest and fall restraint systems and accessories, has announced a new line of self-retracting lanyards. The new line of cable and web self-retracting lanyards (SRLs) are available in lengths from 18 to 50 feet and can be purchased through the Rigid Lifelines dealer network. “It was a natural evolution for us to start selling our own line of self-retracting lanyards,” says Michael Evanko, Rigid Lifelines marketing manager. “These new products are high quality and built tough for the demanding environments that workers encounter in industry. They complement our rigid track fall protection systems and play a critical role in our efforts to provide industry leading turnkey fall protection solutions.” Rigid Lifelines new self-retracting lanyards protect workers from significant fall distance by utilizing cam-driven locking pawls that are engineered to activate during a free fall event and ensure that a typical fall is arrested within 2 feet (.6m) or less. The SRLs will also reduce the fall forces imposed on a fallen worker to 900LBs. (4kN) Maximum Arresting Force (MAF) or less. Rigid Lifelines SRL lock–up speed combined with Rigid Lifelines rigid track fall protection technology allows workers to feel more secure that fall distance will be limited, thus reducing the possibility they will impact obstacles during a free fall. Rigid Lifelines SRLs can be purchased with corrosion-resistant thermoplastic, zinc plated steel, or stainless steel housings depending on the customer application. During the early summer months of 2011, the line will be expanded further to include shorter length models specifically engineered for close proximity applications.

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