Saelig Introduces BOARDMASTER Universal PCB Test System

Saelig ( has introduced ABI BoardMaster 8000 PLUS – a self-contained PCB test system. BoardMaster 8000 Plus is a comprehensive set of test instruments, complete with built-in PC, for testing and fault-finding on almost any kind of PCB. Incorporating a full range of test instruments in one compact box and offering a variety of available test methods, BoardMaster 8000 PLUS provides a cost-effective standalone solution for electronics faultfinding across a wide range of industries, manufacturers, and board technologies.

BoardMaster 8000 PLUS is an integrated package of high specification instrumentation controlled by sophisticated but easy to use software. The hardware is installed in a rugged transportable case that also contains a high specification, Windows™ PC. BoardMaster 8000 PLUS is based on a modular system which can be customized for specific applications, and its software can be configured to guide users step-by-step through a test procedure, with custom-annotated picture images, instructions, and attached datasheets to give quick Pass/Fail results. This is much faster and more economical than using traditional oscilloscope and metering and other bench test methods.

A typical BoardMaster 8000 PLUS configuration offers:
• Two Board Fault Locator modules, with 128 test channels for multiple test methods for fault diagnosis and functional testing of digital ICs (in-circuit / out-of-circuit), IC connections status, and voltage acquisition, V-I Curve testing of components on unpowered boards.
• An Analog IC Tester for in-circuit functional testing of analog ICs and discrete components (no programming or circuit diagrams needed). Fully configurable V-I Tester for detection of faults on unpowered boards.
• A Multiple Instrument Station with 8 high specification test and measurement instruments in one compact module (Frequency Counter, Digital Storage Oscilloscope, Function Generator, Digital Floating Multimeter, Auxiliary PSU, and Universal I/O).
• A Triple Output Variable Power Supply provides required supply voltages to the unit under test.

Many repair centers around the world are equipped with BoardMaster 8000 PLUS, offering optimal fault coverage and maintenance capabilities to a wide range of customers. In most cases, the tranport infrastructures are made up of older, legacy equipment along with latest release models (new metro lines for instance). The threat of incompatibility of test equipment for each technology is overcome by the versatility of the SYSTEM 8 range to cope with old and new electronics. ABI products are a favorite at the Société Nationale des Chemins de fer Français (SNCF, the French railway) as 13 complete BoardMaster 8000 PLUS ensure the correct operations of all electronics assemblies used on freight trains. Although the actual PCB repair is provided by a separate department, the BoardMaster 8000 PLUS are used to soak (or cycle) test the repaired boards for 48 hours before they are placed back on trains (due to rigorous safety regulations). Unique TestFlows (automated test sequences) were developped for all types of boards to acquire, check and log a range of measurements. The Multiple Instrument Station (MIS) is at its best in this configuration.
ABI products are valued by the underground institution Metro Sao Paulo, in Brazil. At their main office, six BoardMaster solutions are used daily to cover all aspects of electronics fault-finding for all electronics boards (rolling and fixed stock). With over 50 engineers using the equipment and tight deadlines in maintenance, TestFlows were carefully developed to be interactive and reduce fault-finding time. For instance, each step of a TestFlow includes direct links to photos, schematics, instructions and videos to speed up the access to data. Metro Sao Paulo is also using 2 RevEng (schematic learning) systems to generate missing schematics in order to support their repair processes. Plans to increase their assets with the acquisition of a further 11 BoardMaster 8000 PLUS are confirmed for 2012.
ABI Electronics is an associate member of the Alamys group, the association of companies in Latin America covering the underground and railway industry. This partnership enables ABI to benefit from the industry’s expertise as well as the problems and challenges it encounters. In turn, ABI offers tailored solutions to meet the demands of the industry.
BoardMaster 8000 PLUS is frequently the test instrument of choice in the areas of telecommunications, transportation, and automotive manufacturing. Many land forces, air force and navy organizations around the globe use BoardMaster 8000 PLUS to provide on-site test and repair, avoiding time-consuming returns to distant repair sites. For less complex or cost-sensitive needs, System8 Modules may be selected and mounted in a PC-driven housing. Applications include: PCB testing and troubleshooting, digital/analog IC test, digital/analog V-I test, visual short identification with audible/visual indication of probe distance to short, live board comparison, manufacturing defects analysis, power-on/power-off testing, QA reporting, embedded real-time control, calculation and logging, component and board level testing, digital and analog functional tests , automated test sequences, etc.
Made in Europe by ABI Electronics Ltd., a leading embedded test equipment manufacturer, BoardMaster 8000 PLUS is available now from Saelig Co. Inc. Fairport, NY. For detailed specifications, free technical assistance, or additional information, please contact Saelig 1-888-7SAELIG, via email:, or visit

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