Sherwin-Williams Introduces JCX Polyester Urethane for Commercial Aircraft

Sherwin-Williams Aerospace Coatings JCX polyester urethane is a high-performance, high-productivity coating designed for exterior use on commercial aircraft. It features simplified packaging as well as faster dry times. These features all lead to improved productivity for the paint shop.

JCX is specifically focused on productivity improvement for MRO commercial airline application. Whether a commercial aircraft is in for regular maintenance or being serviced to reflect a livery’s updated brand look, a new paint job not only enhances a plane’s aesthetics, it also plays an important role in protecting the aircraft’s surfaces from wear, tear and corrosion.

The best commercial aircraft paint schemes must always look their best to symbolize their respective brands. This requires a durable coating system to provide crucial protection against corrosion and damage even in the most punishing environments.

With JCX, commercial aircraft can now get an outstanding finish in a simpler, faster-to-dry product. This durable, long-lasting coating improves livery brand image and MROs can increase their profits by delivering more planes, faster.

JCX delivers faster processing time, while providing excellent color, gloss retention and DOI. It’s a “painter-friendly” coating that is easy-to-spray and comes in a simple ratio 2:1:1 pre-packed kit. It meets AMS-3095 performance requirements, provides chemical resistance to Skydrol and other hydraulic fluids and is free of lead and chromate hazards.

Sherwin-Williams JCX Product Benefits Include:
• Fast drying
• Easy to apply and repair
• Excellent color and gloss retention
• Comprehensive color palette
• Good buffing characteristics
• Excellent flow and leveling
• Contains less than 3.5 lbs/gal VOC
• Special activated reducers to handle varied temperature/humidity conditions

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