Sherwin-Williams Introduces Sky Match Color Management System

The Sky Match Color Management System has been introduced by Sherwin-Williams Aerospace Coatings. Sky Match Color Management System is a user-friendly, web-based system designed to make color retrieval faster and more manageable for aerospace paint applicators. From simple color retrieval to custom color matching, Sky Match Color Management System will deliver improved MRO and aircraft paint shop productivity and profitability.

“Color information is now just a click away thanks to the Sky Match Color Management System. It provides simple to use color searches, storing, tracking and reporting; with all the information readily available, 24/7, 365 days a year,” according to Chip Mullins, Sherwin-Williams Aerospace Coatings Global Sales Director. “Sky Match works in concert with the Sherwin-Williams intermix systems making it even easier to use with Jet Glo Express, SKYscapes, Jet Glo, Acry Glo, and JetFlex products.”

The Sky Match Color Management System will provide improved profitability, as painters can now make the specific batch size needed. This also means less product waste (makes grams, ounces, milliliters, liters, quart, gallons, etc.). And with its custom matching capability, this will also result in improved productivity (no waiting for product delivery) as well as better inventory management and improved stock management.

By providing easily accessible and simple information for batch tracking – by purchase order or
by customer – shops will now have the ability to tell where each batch is in the process and
assign employees to specific batches. The result is better workflow management.

Designed to be a global system with simple icons, the system will be translated and available in multiple languages. It is designed to work with multi-platforms as well as multiple devices including tablets, smartphones and PCs. For the paint shop, new equipment is part of the new system as well. This includes an explosion proof touch-screen monitor, a smart scale (attached directly to the computer and moves the formulas directly to them) and a portable color spectrophotometer – which can take a snapshot of the plane’s color and match it.

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