Shorten Compliance Testing Time by Learning How to Design for EMC

Learning how to design your product so that it complies with EMC regulations can save you from having a finished product that fails during its regulatory compliance testing. Redesigning or adding fixes to a failed product can be expensive and time consuming. By taking the EMC by Your Design Seminar, you will learn the fundamentals of electromagnetic compatibility, including understanding the many EMC regulatory requirements such as FCC, CE, US Military, RTCA-DO-160 and those of most foreign countries. You will learn the methodology of how to minimize EMC problems, starting with the design process through final testing and approval, all of which will be brought to life through hands-on practical application to real life products. Also included will be a guided tour of the largest independent EMC and Product Safety facility in North America.

This newly updated curriculum was developed by Donald L. Sweeney and his associates. It includes how an electronic circuit becomes a radio transmitter, how the physics of even the simplest devices such as capacitors, inductors and shielding can help or hinder compliance and how to control the design to minimize emissions. Students will be lead step-by-step through sample calculations, be introduced to take-home proprietary software and be led through trouble shooting a product that does not meet the requirments. Additionally, attendees will be offered an exclusive, hands-on personal consultation with the instructor or a memeber of his technical staff to apply what has been learned to their spedific product, possibly saving tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in reduced testing, reduced time to market and reduced final product cost. Seminar details:

EMC by Your Design
An EMC Practical Applications Seminar and Workshop
Tues. April 23 – Thurs. April 25, 2013
Hilton Hotel, Northbrook,IL

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