ifrSKEYES announced that Sky Airline has decided to select AMASIS ensuring its maintenance and logistics activities.

SKY started operations in December 2001 and made the first flights from Santiago to Northern Chile in June 2002.

Today its operations not only include Chilean domestic routes but also international flights to Argentina, Peru, Bolivia, and Brazil.

It is the second largest airline in the country with 80% of passengers being domestic reaching 24% market share.

Sky Airline’s current fleet is composed of 17 Airbus A320 FAM aircraft and is expected to expand to 25 by 2018.

AMASIS solidifies the efficiency in the logistics process in order to maintain a low cost operation, and as a competitive advantage this will be translated to the customers in more competitive fares and improved On Time Performance, stimulating markets despite the rising price of jet fuel.

Efficiency is one of SKY´s “decision drivers” along with “travel experience” for the passengers, also SKY wants to be the market reference for “On Time Performance” being one of the attributes most valued by the business passenger, and with the highest standards in “safety”. With the best industry practices at the level of processes and systems supported by AMASIS, SKY is going to be a leader in South American markets.

Sky Airline and ifrSKEYES teams are working in close cooperation to define the deployment implementation that will help Sky Airline implement the best industry practices.

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