Southeast Aerospace Secures Brazilian Validation (ANAC) Approval On Part 25 & Part 29 ADS-B STCs

Southeast Aerospace, located at Orlando Melbourne International Airport, has received Brazilian Validation (ANAC) approval of both their ADS-B Part 25 & Part 29 Approved Model List (AML) Supplement Type Certificates (STCs).

SEA will offer these solutions to the Brazilian civil aviation market as flexible and affordable ADS-B solutions to facilitate continued flight in U. S. airspace due to the January 1st 2020 FAA mandate.

The Part 25 ADS-B STC #ST00835DE is available for non-TCAS II aircraft needing to meet the mandate for around $50,000 installed. Southeast Aerospace says this is a convenient and cost effective ADS-B solution consisting of dual Garmin transponders GTX-3X5R and Gables G7614/G7534 control head.

SEA’s Part 29 ADS-B STC #SR00925DE is available for non-TCAS II, legacy Part 29 helicopters, utilizing a Gables G7614 Control Head, a remote Garmin GTX-3X5R or panel mounted GTX3X5. The remote mount feature offers the customer ease of installation with existing XPDR controllers installed.

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