Specialty Abrasive Mounted Point for Airline Seat Track Cleaning

Rex-Cut Abrasives offers a specialty mounted point that is precisely shaped to match the dimensions inside airline seat tracks to clean the top, bottom, and sides simultaneously. Rex-Cut says this cuts approximately 1/3 of the cleaning time out of the entire seat track cleaning process.

Cleaning and polishing aircraft seat tracks is typically a process with multiple steps. The original process starts with an oversized resin fiber disc on a special mandrel, which is used to clean the sides of the rail. A ¾” disc then cleans the bottom of the rail, and finally the top of the rail. To save on labor, Rex-Cut designed a special Seat Track Cleaner mounted point to make this process more efficient.

The savings these Seat Track Cleaners provide is just not in labor alone, says the company. Airlines were often throwing away and buying new metal tracks rather than cleaning the dirty ones. This “rip and replace” method was often more cost effective than the complex labor-intensive original process.

Available in two specifications, Rex-Cut Seat Track Cleaners have been adopted by contractors that service major airlines and several maintenance facilities. As most abrasive wheel shapes are made to widespread common industry standards, Rex-Cut says it is proud to deliver a unique application that should dramatically reduce seat track maintenance costs for airlines.


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