Spectrum Releases Nova MaX – Wire and Cable Measure and Cut System

Spectrum Technologies has introduced Nova MaX, a high performance measure and cut system for large gauge wire and cable for aerospace, defense and other industries as part of the production process for complex electrical wire harnesses.

MaX is a precision system for accurately measuring and cutting wire and cable to length with outside diameters up to 15mm/0.6 inch. The system includes features not found on simpler measure and cut systems, such as PC control for data management and job setup.

As options, a heat shrink sleeve printer and a label printer may also be integrated with MaX to create a complete solution for preparing and identifying cut-to-length wire and cables that cannot be processed on a laser or other wire marking system. Labels and sleeves can be generated in parallel as the wire is cut to length, providing a real time kitting facility.

Wires may be dereeled from a single dereeler or wire tree, fed through MaX, and collected in a motorised coiling pan after processing. The pneumatic shear ensures clean cutting of large gauge cables and a controlled acceleration and wire pull mechanism maintains high length accuracy of -0%/+0.5%, especially when being used with a wire tree.

The control system is based on Spectrum’s proprietary CAPRIS Nova software as is the operator Man-Machine Interface, giving familiarity to existing Spectrum wire marker customers. For new and old customers alike the Windows based software is very simple to use. This ability to download job files for processing on MaX is a key feature, enabling operators to transfer job files rapidly and easily and to select and process jobs without having to enter details of each wire.

“Following market research and discussions with a number of our key customers we recognized that there was a gap in the market, specifically in aerospace and defense, for a modern high performance wire measure and cut system that was specifically capable of dealing with larger wires and cables that for various reasons would not be processed by our customers on their laser markers,” Dr Peter Dickinson, Spectrum CEO explains. “We have developed MaX to meet this need and are confident that it will provide a significant capability and cost-saving to customers. We believe that MaX will find many applications both within aerospace and in the wider market.”

MaX will be premiered at the Electrical Wire Processing Technology Expo in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on 8 & 9 May – booth 1220.


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