Spitfire Restoration Group Launches New Website

The Spitfire Restoration Group (SRG) have enjoyed a superb 2012 with diverse undertakings on behalf of Spitfire owners and prospective buyers. With widespread press surrounding a potential Spitfire find buried in Burma (Myanmar) and turbulent financial markets, investors are looking seriously at owning one of these rare war birds. The Spitfire Restoration group are a specialist aircraft restoration company retained by a number of investors to source specific variations of the iconic Spitfire aircraft, with most demand for a Mk1 bearing Battle of Britain provenance.

In addition to sourcing aircraft there is also a rolling pipeline of restoration work within their newly refurbished facility in the UK. Each aircraft is restored to flying condition with one major aim: to maintain originality as close as is humanly possible. The combination of originality and provenance is most important in any war bird restoration, not just the Spitfire. SRG are lucky enough to have strengthened their team in 2012 to include some of the best war bird engineers in the world today, thus cementing their hard earnt reputation as one of the best in the business.

To celebrate the success of 2012 The Spitfire Restoration Group have launched a new website as well as expanding their service offering beyond specialist Spitfire restoration. They now have the ability to provide secure storage, as well as operational and ongoing engineering support.

For more information on the Spitfire Restoration Group please visit http:///www.spitfirerestorationgroup.com, email info@spitfirerestorationgroup.com or call +44 1926 842381.

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