SR Technics’ Offers New Global 24/7 Single Component Service Warehousing

SR Technics has further extended, together with ADAT, its worldwide customer support for Single Component Services (SCS), ensuring round the clock component availability. With the new set up, SR Technics provides 24/7 worldwide component loan, exchange and sales, directly to airlines or their service providers, thanks to their local presence in Asia, Middle East, Europe and the Americas. A global customer service team of 30 employees across multiple time zones ensures direct and quick access to high quality, serviceable components or to reconditioning services for unserviceable components. Access to the service is offered via dedicated local SCS telephone numbers or the global email address

To maintain a seamless service of materials management and spares provisioning, extensive component pools in Zurich, London, Singapore, Melbourne and Abu Dhabi will be supported by a further warehouse in Florida later this year. These facilities warehouse more than 78,000 individual part numbers. SR Technics’ inventory availability can be sourced through the most frequently used industry platforms, such as ILsmart, PartsBase, Aeroxchange and OneAero. All customers need to do is login to the online platform, check the availability and place their orders real-time and the part will be shipped immediately.

“Customer proximity is key if we are, as an independent MRO, to be well positioned to service expanding markets in the future. Our growing global Single Component Service footprint is an essential aspect of this,” James Stewart, Group Chief Executive Officer of the Mubadala Aerospace MRO network said.  “Our customers can rely on a fast, local SCS service to keep their aircrafts in the air and to reduce downtimes, which is essential for a competitive commercial aviation operation.”

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